"the test of the morality of a society, is what it does for it's children"                    -   Deitrich Bonhoeffer              

Over the last 5 years, CAR 2214 has raised over $75,000 to help special needs children, and we hope to take that figure to greater heights in 2015!

Thank you for taking time to look at our site and seeing how so many individuals and companies have come together to support kids in need!

Car 2214 was born as a 1967 Valaint Wagon and in 2009 was reborn as a Variety Bash car to help raise the profile of the Bash and draw attention to Variety's great work.
Variety provides 
grants to individuals and organisations for a great number of items such as special wheelchairs, vocal output speech devices, prosthetic limbs, special play equipment and liberty swings.  Variety also provides grants to hospitals, and provides Sunshine Coaches to special schools and organisations so that kids can get out and about and experience life and experiences such and opportunities that able bodied kids may take for granted.

Join us on our 2015 Bash adventure from Bass Hill to Bunbury In Western Australia.
Our route will take us through Mildura and then across the Nullabor along the Great Ausraian Bight and finally arriving in Bunbury just south of Perth in Western Australia.

Car 2214 - Raising money for special needs children
 through the 2015 Variety NSW B to B

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Our aim is to raise funds through sponsorship and various fundraising events to help sick and underprivilaged children through Variety - the Children's Charity.

Car 2214 - The TROJAN BASH CAR




In 2015 our car is sponsored by.......

The 2015 Crew for the 
Bass Hill to Bunbury WA

Full Time Crew:  
Andrew Georgiadis, Stuart Brancourt
Kim Regler, Geoff Cook

We are getting ready for the 2015 Variety Bash from 
Bass Hill (Sydney) to Bunbury in WA!

So far over the last 5 years, we have raised over  $75,000 for Variety's Special Needs Children