Past Bash destinations
over the course of
time include the following:

1985 Bourke to Burketown
1986 Bourke to Barossa
1987 Bourke to Barrier reef
1988 Bourke to Blatherskite
1989 Bourke to Broome
1990 Bourke to Burnie
1991 Bourke to Beagle
1992 Heart to Heart
1993 Bondi to Bathurst
1994 Bondi to Ballina
1995 Bondi to Busselton
1996 Bondi to Batchelor
1997 Botany Bay to Barrier Reef
1998 Bondi to Billygoat Hill
1999 Brickpit to Broome
2000 Bayside to Barossa
2001 Beverly Hills to Broadbeach
2002 Bate Bay to Barrier Reef
2003 Blue Mountains to Barrier Reef
2004 Burramatta to Bathers Beach
2005 Bakery to Bethany
2006 Brookvale to Bundaberg
2007 Base to Bathurst
2008 Blacktown to Batemans Bay
2009 Bennelong Point to Broken Hill
2010 B-Shed to Byron Bay
2011 Baulkham Hills to Buccaneer Rock (Broome)
2012 Balmain to Bamaga (Cape York)
2013 Bankstown to Ballarat
2014 Brisbane to Busby's Bore
2015 Bass Hill to Bunbury to Broome

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The Bash is not a race or rally and speed is not important. What really matters is that everyone has an enjoyable time travelling in parts of Australia that they would not normally see, at the same time raising money for special needs children.

The Bash was originated by businessman, explorer and philanthropist Dick Smith in June 1985 when he organised a group of people to travel from Sydney to Bourke in far west NSW and from there to Burketown in far north Queensland.

Dick wanted to take a few mates for a drive in the outback in old cars while at the same time raising money for charity.
He charged everyone to enter, and entrants were able to bribe officials or be fined.

That first event raised $250,000 for charity and was known as the Bourke to Burketown Bash.

The annual Variety Bash is Australia's most successful charity motoring event. It is the focal point of fund raising efforts by many hundreds of supporters of Variety, with the money raised helping ill, special needs and disadvantaged children.

Since the original Burke to Burketown Bash was completed back in 1985, the Bash has travelled thousands upon thousands of kilometers criss crossing Australia. This unique FUN fundraising event is tagged.......

"a drive in the outback with a few mates"

About the 2015 Bash

We are off into the Aussie Outback once again!
This time we will be travelling through iconic towns and places along the Great Australian Bight.
The route will take us along dirt roads where (I assume) the cars will be again, put to the test under rough and hot conditions.

There will be plenty of dust and at least a three camp out nights
The Bash will depart Bass Hill on the 2nd of August and will run for 9 days in total finishing at Bunbury WA on the 11th of August. There is a second leg of the Bash that will continue up to Broome, however, due to time constraints, we will be unable to continue on the the second leg.

This will no doubt be a hot, dusty and rough trek through the Outback - just the way we like it!

Car 2214 - Raising money for special needs children
 through the 2015 Variety NSW B to B

The approximate routes of the 2010 to 2015 Bashes.....