Where do the sponsorship and donations go?

Variety. Because some children are extra special.

Children growing up with disability, serious illness or disadvantage need help from a special charity.

That charity is Variety Australia.

With your support, Variety the children’s charity gives more than a million dollars
worth of goods and services a month to children with special needs.

That may seem like a lot of money, but we can always give more.

You can make a difference by becoming involved with Variety New South Wales
and supporting our Bash cars in the 2015 Bass Hill to Bunbury Bash.

We’re happy to say that all of the net funds raised by Variety New South Wales are
spent on their core programs. At the moment, Variety New South Wales has three
core programs— Freedom, Future Kids and Caring for Kids —and it’s through these programs that we deliver a unique range of goods and services to support the specific needs of individual children, across a diverse spectrum of physical, emotional and financial needs.

The Variety freedom program provides funding for mobility equipment, wheelchairs and Sunshine Coaches so that children can get out and about. Liberty Swings are donated to communities so children in wheelchairs or with various physical impairments can feel the joys of swinging— a simple pleasure that other children can often take for granted.  
The Variety Freedom Program........
The Variety Future Kids Program provides children with special needs access to a computer to positively transform not only their academic performance but also their classroom experience.

We also help with sporting trips, musical equipment and therapy and other items that help children with special needs improve their potential to learn.

The Variety Future Kids Program........
The Variety Caring For Kids Program........
This is the fun part!

Variety @ Work brings laughter into the lives of children who
ometimes have little to smile about.  

Our volunteer committee plans events and activities for groups of
is advantaged or special needs children, small or large, allowing
them to have wonderful experiences they wouldn’t normally be able to see or do.

These events can include football meet and greets, special lunches, boat cruises and the popular Variety Children’s Christmas Parties, which entertain over 20,000 children nationally each year.   

As anyone who has watched a child laugh and shout through their first magic show or cheer on their heroes at a football game will tell you, the pleasure involved for these children and our volunteers alike is priceless.

Variety AT WORK........
Each week, Variety New South Wales directly helps hundreds of individual children and families in need—providing practical and much needed grants for items like modified tricycles, electric beds, and communication devices for children who would otherwise ‘fall through the gaps’ and have nowhere else to turn. But we could do more with your help.

Thousands of special children travel on Sunshine Coaches every day,
with three new Sunshine Coaches added to the road in Australia every single
month. But we want enough on the road to get all our special children out in the
sunshine and interacting with people who care.
Help us get more Sunshine Coaches on the road.

Regional and disadvantaged schools receive much needed computers as well
as vital learning and play equipment. We also receive thousands of requests for
vocal output devices, cochlear implants, myo-electric limbs and other technologies.
With your money more special children will be able to hear, find a voice or become mobile.

Your money helps in a variety of ways........
The Variety Caring for Kids Program supports children's health services including hospitals and specialized medical equipment and services.

Required equipment and medical services are often urgently required. Variety consults with professionals prior to purchasing the equipment, ensuring that the most adequate support is offered and that one hundred percent of every dollar we provide goes where it is most needed.

Variety helps provide a wide range of equipment ranging from incubators to monitors.

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Car 2214 - Raising money for special needs children
 through the 2015 Variety NSW B to B